Today is Day 1 of our 5-Day Summer Learn-a-thon!

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Today is Day 1 of our 5-Day Summer Learn-a-thon! We have five days together to learn what is most meaningful, impactful, important for each one of us, individually. The twist is that we are here together with the opportunity to support, encourage, and help maintain accountability for one another.

Nothing is too big or small for us to focus upon this week, as personal learning comes in all shapes and sizes. It all depends on our needs and our wants!

  1. Given that, let’s share the topic or area you want to learn more about this week.
  2. What is your intention or goal for wanting to learn more about it?
  3. Finally, what do you hope to do each day for the next five days related to it?

It is vital that we support and encourage one another through our successes and challenges, so please reply with that positive karma you may just well need one day!!

Onward and upward! Let’s see where our learning takes us.

This challenge will be cross-posted on both my website and on Facebook to try to make this as accessible as possible.

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  1. Jeffrey Keefer

    Here goes for me . . .

    1. I want to write / revise 4 poems I have been working on by the end of the week for a specific publication I have in mind. While this is experiential in nature, I want to learn to be intentional with the affective language I am using, specifically related to affective (emotional or attitude) verbs related to learning objectives (see pg 21 of, to evoke a reaction or response in my readers. I want these works finished, published, and intentionally more emotional in nature, which is something I do not frequently write for — that is the learning I want to do. I will work on one poem each day this week, beginning today.

    2. Additionally, I want to learn more about posting and sharing posts on LinkedIn, so will post there once a day related to this challenge and will see what I can learn by replying to others as well. Never felt a sense of community there, so will try to learn a bit about it.


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