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Strategic Direction Analysis

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the path forward?



Most organizations know they need to identify their key opportunities and challenges, though it can be really tough to do this work internally due to vested interests, various conflicts, and assumptions due to being so closely connected.

Internal and external factors need to be objectively analyzed within the context of the organization and those already in the same niche. Stakeholders need to be engaged in a collaborative process to envision and help shape the future. This continues through establishing priorities and then the aligning of the resources that are needed for future maximum impact.

All these steps need to happen with real data to help inform decision-making. Data-free decision making is too easy and too common across institutions, and those are the ones that rarely succeed or have the impact they really can have for their customers and those whom they serve.

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Strategic Plan Development

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When we seek to develop a strategic plan, we are in effect crafting a vision for future success.

This involves collaborating with leadership and key stakeholders to define a shared vision and mission, developing measurable strategic goals and objectives that align with the organization’s values and aspirations, creating a strategic roadmap with clear milestones and timelines, designing actionable and accountable initiatives and projects that advance the strategic plan, and building buy-in for the strategic plan across the organization.

None of this is rocket science, but most organizations have neither the resources nor the expertise to manage this in-house. Want to share some ideas and see if I can help?

Strategy Implementation

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into action?

When seeking to implement strategy, we really seek to transform Vision into Action. It seems smooth and almost poetic when we see this done well, though when it is up to us to do it internally, many throw up their hands with where to begin.

I have learned that all this starts with establishing a robust project management plan oriented to execute strategic initiatives. This involves facilitating cross-functional collaboration and communication to ensure successful implementation, identifying and mitigating risks and obstacles throughout the implementation process, providing ongoing support, coaching, and guidance for leadership and teams so they do not despair the challenges involved with change, and finally monitoring progress and adjusting plans as needed to respond to changing circumstances.

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Strategy Assessment

Do you need help measuring impact
and ensuring progress?

The best of plans can appear smooth and all-encompassing, but only when we evaluate and measuring the overall impact of our efforts can we ensure we actually are making progress.

To do this, we developing key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to track progress towards strategic goals. This step is one that many fail to do as a result of falling back into the assumptions, such as “of course our work is good, everybody knows that!”

To be fair to the efforts that got us so far, we must implement a comprehensive evaluation and reporting system to monitor performance, facilitating regular reviews and updates to ensure the strategic plan remains relevant and effective while analyzing results and providing actionable insights for continuous and ongoing improvement.

Only through this final step can we celebrate successes and foster a culture of learning and growth within the organization.

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