Jeffrey M. Keefer, Ph.D.

Educational Consultant & Eco-Mindfulness Guide

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Jeffrey M. Keefer, Ph.D., an Educational Consultant and Eco-Mindfulness Guide, expertly blends academic rigor with practical applications in personal growth. Offering strategic guidance to higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations, he excels in strategic planning, organizational capacity enhancement, and accreditation processes. His approach uniquely integrates innovative educational technologies and nature-based mindfulness practices to cultivate a sustainable and enriching learning environment. His teaching approach, both as a research methodology professor and institutional researcher, deepens knowledge and hones critical information literacy skills.

As a leader in transformative coaching, Jeffrey empowers adult doctoral and graduate students to master the complexities of thesis and dissertation completion. His coaching seamlessly combines eco-mindfulness practices with personal mentorship, promoting well-being and a sustainable impact on both individuals and communities.

Serving also as a spiritual life advisor at New York University and a spiritual director in private practice, Jeffrey unites academic pursuits with mindful environmental stewardship. This holistic approach supports individuals in navigating their personal and professional landscapes, fostering significant transformations that resonate beyond conventional learning and working environments.

Embark on a Journey of Engaged Scholarship and Mindful Living

Join Jeffrey on a transformative journey that transcends traditional boundaries of education and personal development. Explore how engaged scholarship and mindful living can pave the way for academic success, professional advancement, and deep personal fulfillment.

My Services

Knowledge, Strategy, & EcoSpirituality

Educational Consulting

Innovative Solutions for Educational Excellence

Empowering nonprofit organizations and higher education institutions through strategic planning, capacity building, and accreditation processes. Our approach integrates innovative technologies and eco-mindfulness to create enriching learning environments.

Strategic Consulting

Strategic Growth for Sustainable Impact

Driving organizational growth and efficacy with tailored strategies. We specialize in strategic planning, organizational development, and capacity building to help you achieve your mission and expand your sustainable impact.

Spiritual Guidance

Deepen Your Connection with Eco-Mindfulness

Exploring deep meaning and transformative practices for personal and spiritual growth. Our guidance nurtures a harmonious connection with nature and your inner self, fostering a profound spiritual journey.

Transformative Coaching

Empower Your Journey with Transformative Coaching

Achieving personal and professional milestones with comprehensive thesis guidance, career development, and holistic personal growth. Our coaching empowers you to realize your full potential and effect meaningful change in your life.

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