Jeffrey M. Keefer, Ph.D.

Educational Consultant & Eco-Mindfulness Guide

Jeffrey M. Keefer, Ph.D., an Educational Consultant and Eco-Mindfulness Guide, is dedicated to blending academic rigor with practical applications in personal growth. With extensive experience in educational consulting, he offers strategic guidance to higher education institutions and nonprofit organizations, focusing on strategic planning, capacity building, and accreditation processes. Jeffrey reinforces a systematic approach to knowledge development and skill enhancement as a research methodology professor and institutional researcher.

In addition to institutional strategy, Jeffrey is deeply committed to coaching adult doctoral students, aiding them in navigating the complexities of thesis and dissertation completion. This personal mentoring aligns with his vision of applying eco-mindfulness practices in educational and nonprofit settings. This unique approach fosters individual well-being and promotes a sustainable impact on the community. Jeffrey’s work as a spiritual life advisor at New York University and as a spiritual director in private practice further complement his professional endeavors, offering a balanced perspective that integrates academic pursuits with mindful environmental and personal stewardship.

My Services

Knowledge, Strategy, & EcoSpirituality


Educational Needs Analysis

Current state to desired future state, everything in between is a gap to analyze.

Strategic Planning

Nonprofit and Higher Education institutions need strategic planning more than ever.

Spiritual Direction

Walking together to explore deep meaning and transformative mystery.


Learning Design

Once we have objectives, we then plan and build education to match the learner profile.

Accreditation & Compliance

Maintaining accreditation comes through continual improvement and compliance.

Qualitative Research

We all live subjective lives, and qualitative inquiry helps us discover the themes.

Training Evaluation

Measuring educational implementation to assess how the learning objectives are met.

Institutional Research

Collecting, measuring, and reporting outcomes using the right dashboard for our needs.

Purposeful Life Alignment

It takes effort to define our purpose and create our own paths to realize it.

Dissertation & Thesis Coaching

Writing a thesis or dissertation can be lonely, and coaching helps encourage completion.

Project & Program Management

Anybody can generate ideas, though implementing and managing them is a skill.

Study & Exam Support

Studying is hard, so having a supportive advocate can help.

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