I help people navigate their learning needs and take informed action

Do you need more training or education to get to the next step in your career?

 . . . but Stuck on how to move forward?

I have spent two decades working in training, organizational & talent development, and higher education helping staff and students identify the knowledge or skills gap between their current state and ideal future state. I have developed corporate training programs, created enterprise mentoring initiatives, and helped coach numerous groups of staff and students alike to conduct personal learning designs to reach their goals.

This is only valuable when we then create a plan on how to fill that gap, and if it is one that involves studying, learning, or personal improvement efforts, then I can help plan a strategy to bridge that gap.

Want to talk about it and see if I can help?

Feel there is so much more to life than work?

 . . . Want to Pursue your passions but stuck on where to begin?

I am a lifelong learner who has studied entirely new areas to fills gaps between what I knew and what my new or developing interests led me to desire. This included studying literature, management communication, religion, nonprofit management, small business administration, social media marketing, and even the writing of poetry.

None of these were part of my undergraduate or professional training, and all of them started with my asking the question, “I wonder . . . what if I . . . ?” Others around me at the office may not “get it,” but that’s ok — we are talking about my life . . . or rather YOUR life here!

Ever feel you studied the wrong thing in college, so now you  need professional development for the job market?

. . . Feel stuck on how to proceed?

Hey, college is not only about getting a job when you are done, but also a time to learn about who you are and what you like. Of course, this may not always easily translate to the job market, and as a result we can at times feel challenged with how to make sense of that . . . or feel we have to make up for lost time.

I have seen this countless times with my graduate students who often feel a conflict with what they studied and love doing vs. what everybody else thinks they should do with their studies. Hey, I have struggled to navigate this within my own life, too!

Have your interests developed faster than your knowledge?

. . . Need help identifying the gaps?

It happens to many of us — we start studying one thing for a need we have identified, only to find that the more we experience, the more we find our interests shift and develop in unexpected and amazing ways.

Sometimes, this results in gaps between what we want to continue doing or exploring, and what we presently know.

On the surface, this seems easy to fix — just read a book! However, we know it is not that easy. It often takes talking it out with others and getting input, something that is tough when we may not even know the questions to ask.

This is where it can be useful to discuss it with somebody who has worked full-time in learning and development and has heard nearly everything. No judgements . . . only help thinking through opportunities and how best to embrace them!

Ever wonder if lifelong learning is more than only being book-smart?

. . . Want to get out of your head to find yourself?

Learning does not only involve an increase in knowledge, as if knowing lots of things were ever good without being about to DO them or BELIEVE in them.

I believe learning, education, and professional development are all about connecting our knowledge, skills, and belief. Together they bring us a full experience that only books or studies alone miss, and I am a passionate believer in full-human education.

However, I know that most education or training programs oversimplify this or assume why you are there, and this can feel limiting at times.

Afraid you are too old or not smart enough? Maybe you are intimidated by how easily others study or learn?

. . . Need a confidence boost or cheerleader to hold you accountable?

I know what it is like to have dreams of learning yet struggle with confidence issues. Look, I get it. I didn’t complete my PhD on my first attempt (it took me 4 tries and false starts first!). I worked full-time while doing my studies, struggling with imposter syndrome and comparing myself with everybody else while moving forward.

I learned a lot along the way, and really want to help you see you are not alone, and yes, you can succeed, too!

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I am Jeffrey Keefer, Ph.D.
Educational Consultant
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