Everything we face in life can be considered an opportunity or a challenge, depending on how we approach it and and what we do with it.

It can be very easy to shrink from something the stretches us, or something that challenges us in ways that may lead us to uncertain outcomes, yet those are all the more reason to reframe our approach into embracing opportunities rather than retreating from challenges. It is not like anything in life is predestined or permanent, and as a result sometimes all we have to help guide us into the future is an open mind that sees the glass half full and thus teaming with opportunities for future success.

This is part of the reason why I am looking forward to an online discussion I will be co-hosting and facilitating that is focused on structuring and running online challenges, those that invite us to expand beyond our limits and seek new opportunities with what is already in front of us. It is called the Challenge of Challenges, and for my part I will be focusing this through the tag #TribalSupport.

If interested in this, more information can be found in the Life Coach Tribal Support group on Facebook.

Let me remind us all, including myself, that nothing in life is certain. We know where we will be if we stop learning new things, challenging our assumptions, or expanding our understanding of ourselves and the world around us. However, the world of opportunity that awaits when we push through these is often greater than we could have ever imagined.

So, if you want to share with us what it is like to plan and do challenges on social media, here between Facebook and Twitter, then by all means feel free to join! What have you got to lose, except the fear of challenges.


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