Twitter Challenge ~ Feb 1-15 #TribalSupport

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Today is the first day in our Twitter Challenge!

Part of the Challenge of Challenges in the Facebook Life Coach Tribal Support community, we thought, “Let’s actually CREATE a challenge WHILE we are sharing about how this can be effectively done!”

Thus, the Twitter Challenge! This will run on the same dates, from February 1-15, with us talking about it in the safety of a closed Facebook Group AND engaging with it on Twitter

First, the WHY. Why run it and why would people want to participate?
1. Connect (with each other on Twitter via #TribalSupport)
2. Engage (with a wider audience and with hashtags #)
3. Grow (outside our comfort zone by learning in public)
So, let’s get started!
1. Go to Twitter, create an account if you do not have one, and then let’s follow one another. I am @JeffreyKeefer there.
2. Begin to follow the tag: #TribalSupport
That is enough for day 1!

What better reason is there for engaging in a challenge if it does not involve learning something new about ourselves and then taking concrete action to make our dreams a reality?


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