Twitter Challenge: Day 4 – Explore Hashtags

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Twitter Challenge: Day 4

We are beginning to progress in our work, and expand our challenge by adding one more component to Twitter — finding other tags!

Hashtags begin with a # and are used to help us categorize and find Tweets and conversations of interest. Twitter has a short tutorial on how to use them here and they are found throughout the system itself.

So, let’s continue with our Daily Activities we have been focusing on:

1. Post an original Tweet at least 2x / day about something related to your interests in personal or professional development, coaching interests, or your related practice
(and use the #TribalSupport tag some place in your Tweet)
This gets your voice out, adds value to the community, and helps define your role within it!

2. Reply to at least 2 Tweets of other people to engage in conversation and shared learning
(and use the #TribalSupport tag some place in your Tweet if related to our Twitter challenge!)
This helps build our community!

and add on a 3rd step for today:

3. Explore hashtags (in the search) with # based on some topics you are interested in. Share a hashtag you find interesting with our community.
(remember to use the #TribalSupport tag some place in your Tweet)
This helps build our community!

So, in summary, Add 2 of your own, Reply to 2 others, and find / share a hashtag you find interesting.

Remember, we are doing this challenge to Connect (with each other on Twitter via #TribalSupport), Engage (with a wider audience and via hashtags #), and Grow (outside our comfort zone by learning in public), then simple action steps that we repeat become good habits in our lives. These initial steps will help us to reach the challenge of this goal through step-by-step progression of using Twitter as a tool to help us and our professional interests.

Always remember, use the #TribalSupport tag some place in your Tweet so we can see each other (and try clicking on it to see parts of the conversation you may have missed!). Reply with any comments, questions, thoughts, or ideas as well!

This Twitter Challenge is formally happening within the Life Coach Tribal Support community, though as it occurs in public in Twitter, it is really viewable and open to anybody who wants to follow along or participate in it via the #TribalSupport tag.


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