Today is Day 3 of 5, our Summer Learn-a-thon Hump Day!

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Today is Day 3 of 5 of our Summer Learn-a-thon Hump Day!

You know that Wednesday, the middle of the typical work week in many countries, is considered the hump (or middle) of the week. Go check it out on Wikipedia if you want to know more about it and even the origin of the word Wednesday!

Anyway, today is the middle of our challenge, and while that does not mean today is a time of any more of less generic cialis alldaychemist learning, it does mean we have now made it more than half-way. Congrats!

Kudos for the progress . . . so how is it going?

Happy with your progress?

Surprised by how long learning or experiencing something new can really take?

Perhaps you found yourself distracted by some other shiny new object along the way, and your intentions for focused learning this week has not quite worked out as you expected?

Whatever your experience thus far, we cannot change the past. We can only learn from it.

Hmm, there goes some learning again. Amazing how sometimes we learn simply by being aware and open about it!

I invite you to share how it is going for you and what, if anything, you may want to shift to realign No pressure here, but we do want this to be a useful experience and not just another task on today’s To-Do list.

Please feel free to share anything else about this learning experience so far you wish . . .

Onward and upward! Let’s see where our learning takes us.

This challenge will be cross-posted on both my website and on Facebook to try to make this as accessible as possible.


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