Prioritize your Goals, Before Somebody Does It for You

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Here we are at the start of another week, and it is once again an opportunity to prioritize our own goals. 

I know, I know — this is tough to do with so many other demands in my life. Email. Meetings. Appointments. Requests. Demands. Let me just wait until tomorrow when I have time.

Funny thing, that tomorrow, as it is always a nice idea in the future that never comes.

Tomorrow. Never. Comes.

Waiting until tomorrow to prioritize your goals for this week means, once again, today is spent working on somebody else’s goals. Furthering somebody else’s wants.

How does that feel?

I know, I know — we all have lots of things to do, and all of them seem important. OK, so let me ask you, if you are not prioritizing your own goals, who else will do them? Who else is left?

We are talking your life after all, and it is so easy to go about our day doing the work that comes across our desk, into our inboxes, via social media channels. However, we almost always have more desires and wants and goals generic for cialis in canada than we have time for, yet if we do not take action, we will be right back here next week thinking the same thing again. I wish I would have done something different last week. The past is the past, so let’s only look forward.

So, here is the challenge. Thinking about what you really want to be doing — your priorities, that is — and schedule one thing today that will help you advance toward that one. It does not need to be an hour’s work. It does not need to cost a lot of money. It does not need to be enormous. It does need to be one concrete step, one action item that takes your priority from your mind and move it into your day. Schedule it, just like you would any appointment, and then do it — even for a quick 15 minute appointment with yourself. You will have then advanced your goal by at least 15 minutes. Not bad, as many of our goals have never reached any direct action.

You are worth your own time, aren’t you?


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