Learning to Reinforce Injustice

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Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and it is an opportunity to both celebrate his life and memory, while also consider what meaning this has for me and my life today. King was a civil rights activist and leader, and I think it is valuable to reflect on how this work was so important because it was so needed.

If there were not an imbalance in society, some form of institutionalized injustice, then it would not have been needed. Issues of diversity, equity, and inclusion do not magically fix themselves, just as the imbalances caused by their lack does not begin in a vacuum.

Injustice, bias, and assaults to equity are not something natural within us, but rather something we learn through being taught. We reinforce our worldview again and again, until eventually we believe things as just the way they are, failing to see our role as contributor.

As so much of my work involves learning, and through that process to make positive impact within your life, this is what I ask. How have you learned in ways that reinforce injustice, and how can you learn your way out of it?

Remember, maintaining the status quo through inaction is really working to keep things as they are.



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