What is Spiritual Direction

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is an opportunity for a spiritual mentor or companion to provide space for listening, support, and guidance to those seeking to walk their paths with the sacred.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality is the personal experience of relationship with transcendent aspects of existence.

What is Prayer?

The definition of prayer is attend to the sacred.

We each have our own beliefs, ideas, and notions of what the sacred is. This may include beliefs in deities or a single deity, energies or powers in nature or around us, or something larger than ourselves that we may not be able to explain or express.

When we attend to whatever we consider sacred, that is what prayer is to us. It may include repeated words or actions, spontaneous words and actions, sitting in silence to commune or enable the presence of the sacred, or something else where we acknowledge that which is in some way greater than us and beyond our human abilities.

A Third Chair?

Spiritual Direction is sometimes symbolized by a third, or empty, chair. The space is available for whomever or whatever a seeker brings with them into the spiritual direction relationship.

Important Information

Not all belief or religious systems hold or share in the same language or expectations.


Important Information

As a spiritual director, I do not impose my own beliefs on those with whom I spiritually companion. Beliefs and experiences are personal, and as such are respected however they manifest.

Important Information

Personal things discussed in spiritual direction sessions will be maintained as private and confidential, following the professional Guidelines for Ethical Conduct as formulated by Spiritual Directors International, the primary professional association in this field.

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