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Strategic Direction Analysis

Do you need help assessing the path forward?


I have worked in organizational learning and development for nearly two decades, and have learned one thing above all else — it is easy to say this person or group needs training, yet it is entirely different to conduct a needs assessment and educational gap analysis to determine if improving knowledge, skills, or beliefs will really “fix” whatever the problem may be.

Working across nonprofit, higher education, and healthcare sectors, we know that budgets are tight and we have to ensure that anything spent to build staff capacity must work as intended, as otherwise we have wasted our resources.

I have engaged in formal needs analyses for management and leadership development programs, for new hire orientation, technology integration, strategic mission and visioning acceptance, and for mentoring and coaching programs. All of these share one thing in common — they all came after we conducted a needs analysis and determined that the the proposed solution would actually work within the organizational settings.

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Strategic Direction Analysis: Assessing the Path Forward
a. Identifying key challenges and opportunities faced by the organization
b. Analyzing internal and external factors shaping the organization’s context
c. Engaging stakeholders in a collaborative process to envision the future
d. Establishing priorities and aligning resources for maximum impact
e. Providing insights to inform data-driven decision-making

Strategic Plan Development

Do you need help crafting a vision
for your future success?

We all know that organizational learning does not follow a “build it and they will come” model. Quite the opposite.

Effective learning programs come only after they are planned, with effective and measurable learning objectives that can be measured to see if they actually make a difference. They require project management plans to ensure content is developed or purchased in an effective way. Communications across all stakeholders needs to be scheduled, and then actually done, to ensure all are on-board with the learning initiatives.

None of this happens through magic . . . it all happens through informed and intentional effort, especially when done by somebody who has had enough experience to distinguish between using best practices and not being distracted by shiny new objects that claim to work wonders without any concrete history of success.

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Strategic Plan Development: Crafting a Vision for Success
a. Collaborating with leadership and key stakeholders to define a shared vision and mission
b. Developing strategic goals and objectives that align with the organization’s values and aspirations
c. Creating a strategic roadmap with clear milestones and timelines
d. Designing actionable initiatives and projects that advance the strategic plan
e. Building consensus and buy-in for the strategic plan across the organization

Strategy Implementation

Do you need help transforming your vision
into action?

Strategy Implementation: Transforming Vision into Action
a. Establishing a robust project management framework to execute strategic initiatives
b. Facilitating cross-functional collaboration and communication to ensure successful implementation
c. Identifying and mitigating potential risks and obstacles throughout the implementation process
d. Providing ongoing support, coaching, and guidance for leadership and teams
e. Monitoring progress and adjusting plans as needed to respond to changing circumstances

Strategy Evaluation

Do you need help measuring impact
and ensuring progress?

Strategy Evaluation: Measuring Impact and Ensuring Progress
a. Developing key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics to track progress towards strategic goals
b. Implementing a comprehensive evaluation and reporting system to monitor performance
c. Facilitating regular reviews and updates to ensure the strategic plan remains relevant and effective
d. Analyzing results and providing actionable insights for continuous improvement
e. Celebrating successes and fostering a culture of learning and growth within the organization

Training Implementation and Evaluation

Ready to implement and evaluate your training solution?

Training or professional development implementation, where we actually see the training or coursework happen, is where most people experience the learning event. It is here that all the initial planning is realized, with robust knowledge and skill development and transfer.

This is followed by evaluation to see if people learned what they needed to fill their gaps, and also for the organization to determine if this expenditire in time and resources was actually worth the efforts.

I have managed training program implementaion, both live in-person as well as through remote or distance facilitated or elearning solutions. This includes robust evaluation metrics to demonstrate levels of success.

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Education Needs that are . . . Unconventional?

Do you have Organizational Learning Needs that are not easy to articulate?

Does your organization have some capacity building needs that may not be easy to articulate?

Perhaps you are interested in implementing a knowledge management or wiki solution? Open education you want to explore? Institutional research needed? Professional development needs that involve analysis, design, development, implementation, and assessment of programs?

Know this . . . in my experience working as a Director of Training and Knowledge Management, Director of Institutional Research, and Wikipedian-in-Residence . . . there are few things related to building or measuring human and organizational capacity that I have not directly worked with.

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