Attend to Your Own Self-Care

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I am working with a colleague who just finished a major milestone in a large work project, and is now dealing with the aftermath, clean-up, feedback, debrief, and preparations for the next  steps. As can be expected, she is just burned-out from exhaustion and pressure at having done an enormous effort. Nevertheless, she dove into the next set of work tasks, as they have to get done.

When we spoke, I asked her what she will do once she does catch up and everything is in order. After a pause, she realized there really is no such thing as catching up in the modern workplace, and the notion of getting everything done is only an illusion. In fact, she will completely lose herself in the process unless she attends to her own self-care. That does not mean a month of vacation, but surely a day, even a weekend day, all to herself without any interruptions, cannot be out of possibility.

After all, if she does not attend to her own self-care, who will?


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