In this video, as a nature-based spiritual director, I share how an enlightening encounter with chickadees triggered a pivotal shift in my perspective, helping me understand that my challenges were less significant than I perceived. I discuss the transformative power of building connections with nature, recounting experiences like my transformative growth and more fulfilling existence found through gardening.

If you’re curious about investigating your personal connection with nature and its influence on your life, I extend an invitation to you in this video to consider joining me on a journey of nature-based spiritual direction. As part of this journey, I offer a free exploratory chat to unearth the profound insights and transformative experiences that nature provides.

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00:00:00 – Lessons from the Chickadees
00:00:56 – A Journey of Eco-spiritual Awakening
00:01:49 – The Transformative Power of Nature in Spiritual Healing
00:02:46 – Deepening Connection to the Natural World
00:03:42 – Exploring Nature-Based Spiritual Direction
00:04:21 – Nature-Based Spiritual Direction
00:04:38 – Sign up for a free Spiritual Direction exploratory chat