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What sort of world would we have if we could can u buy viagra at walmart improve ourselves in any way possible, at any time, without any limits?

Want to get an MBA? Great, let’s start today.

Want to figure out how to fix those leadership challenges you face at the office? Fine, do this, and it’s done!

Want to learn how to fix that leaky pipe? Sure, I have my tools with me.

What . . . not convinced this is possible? Realize life is more work than that?

You know that costs, time, and scope are limited resources, and future ideas do not equate with reality, right?

Well, here is the question — is this perception of reality the one that you work from, namely that we filter our future ideals from how we see our options now, or do you start from your dreams and then live into them with actions to make them real?

Put another way . . . how do you navigate the cost of learning?


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