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Come Celebrate Wikipedia Day!

by | Jan 11, 2019 | Education, Holidays, Wikipedia / Wikimedia | 0 comments

Come celebrate Wikipedia Day with me this Sunday at the Ace Hotel right here in New York City. Details about how we at Wikimedia NYC are celebrating this in a New York way can be found here (including the time of the cake!!).

Wikipedia Day is a day in January when people gather together to celebrate the birthday of Wikipedia (established on January 15, 2001), often involving community, sharing, learning, and Wikipedia editing.

I plan to do all these things, including moderating a panel on Wikipedia in the University. Having used Wikipedia editing as an extra credit assignment with my graduate research students for a couple years now, I look forward to sharing what has worked for me and, in the spirit of wiki, learn how others do it in their own practices in a way that can help improve my own teaching and learning!

I do a lot of volunteer work with Wikimedia (I edit, I review project grants, I serve on the Wikimedia NYC Board, I serve on the Capacity Building working group, amongst others) as part of my commitment to knowledge as a service and knowledge equity, and believe the more we can be critical consumers of information, the more we can learn to be critical creators of it.


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