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In an age of immediacy and computer-driven outsourcing of work, we can send out our laundry, order in food, gift giftcards, stream movies, and even speak to our digital assistants to remind us to send flowers on holidays, there still is not a way to outsource our own learning.

While books no longer need to be paper, and while I can have one read to me or even watch the video of the author discuss the contents, I am still the one who needs to read it and make meaning for myself.

Critics can challenge me, commentaries can open new doors of inquiry, and online communities can still discuss, yet it is still me and the text that need to partner. It cannot be imprinted in my mind nor garnered through osmosis.

Nobody can learn for me. I have to do learn for myself.

Isn’t it amazing that in our time of artificial intelligence, nothing takes the place of my grappling with new ideas through learning.


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